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Term 3 Spectacular Sports

Swanbourne Primary School
Swanbourne, Western Australia 6010

Explore the sports your kids currently enjoy such as: soccer, basketball, gymnastics, mini-golf, and much more. This unit is a great way to get “sporty” kids building and get LEGO® fans interested in sports. Some lessons focus on the importance of physical fitness and different aspects of fitness, such as stamina and strength. Other lessons describe the mechanics of the sport, such as the physics involved in golf and skiing.  Instead of being on the field or court, they will build motorised models that resemble all of these great sports. The best part for the students is the way the models move and the fun they have playing with them after they’re built - hitting a plastic golf ball with the mini-golf model and watching the gymnast spin around the bar. Maybe they’ll be inspired to try a new sport, or build a model of their favourite sport!


Ages 5+