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Term 1 Life Science WeDo 2.0 Junior Robotics

Floreat Park Primary School
Floreat, Western Australia 6014

*Floreat Park Primary School students only!

Registration is full, please join our Waiting List for priority enrolment in Term 2.


BRICKS 4 KIDZ® is thrilled to be offering Life Science combined with WEDO® 2.0 Software Programming. This program is an excellent introduction to basic concepts of robotics and computer programming.


While doing so, they will also explore the fascinating science of living things and build engaging models of creatures from caterpillars to dinosaurs. During this eight week unit, students will explore topics such as how the human body stays cool, the amazing life cycle of a butterfly, and investigate the Venus Fly Trap -- a plant that eats bugs!


Ages 7+

Last 3 sessions CANCELLED due to School request to cancelled all After School activities