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Time Travel Tours After School Workshop @ Collaroy | Fridays | 4pm - 5pm

Shop 4, 1030-1034 Pittwater Road
Collaroy, New South Wales 2097

Join a creative adventure as we step back in time and tour a medieval castle, gaze upon thhe Spinx of Giza an probe the mystries of Stonhenge. We'll trave the continents to uncover the history of some of the wonders of the ancient world that still survive to this day!  Using LEGO Bricks and loads of creativity, kids will reconstruct these important monuments whilst having fun!
The workshops will be held on Friday afternoon from 4pm -.5pm.  

This is a creative building workshop lead by our trained Instructors -- the perfect relaxing end to a busy school week.  It is suitable for boys and girls, ages 5 to 11